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KRMP specializes in processing all specialty kits that are CLIA approved. We work with 40 different laboratories from Lyme disease, vitamin, mineral, food sensitivities, chemical environmental sensitivities, and all other specialty kits, we do them all.

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IGeneX Inc.

GeneX is a CLIA certified, a 25-year-old lab that offers comprehensive testing for major tick-borne diseases. 

Vibrant America

Vibrant America is dedicated to delivering clinically relevant tests at a rapid pace to enable affordable high-quality diagnostics testing. From Micronutrients to mineral deficiencies 

Galaxy Diagnostics

Galaxy Diagnostics is dedicated to developing sample enrichment technologies that enhance our direct detection capabilities and allow us to confirm infections that are often missed by conventional testing.

Genova Diagnsotics 

Genova Diagnostics is a global clinical laboratory, pioneering a systems approach that supports healthcare providers in the personalized treatment and prevention of chronic disease

MDL Laboratories

Founded in 1997, Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, L.L.C. (MDL) serves mainly as a reference laboratory for molecular diagnostic-based testing to laboratories, hospitals, and physicians worldwide.


Oxford offers the patented Mediator Release blood test (MRT), the most innovative and clinically useful test for hidden inflammatory responses to foods and food chemicals.


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