Licensed CPT


HIPAA Compliant

CPR Certified

ALS Certified

BBP Certified

Certified Specimen Collector

Certified Laboratory Technician

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Concierge Mobile Phlebotomy

Services in Connecticut

Local Phlebotomy Experts Here to Serve You

Kelly Rose Mobile Phlebotomist is the best In-home phlebotomy service in New England

Our mission:  To provide a professional, safe, relaxing approach to phlebotomy to your front doorstep.


We are based out of Connecticut but cover NY, RI, MASS, CA, FL, AZ, GA, and NJ.


Kelly Rose Mobile Phlebotomy gives a different approach to phlebotomy. KRMP  brings high-quality techniques right to your front door so that you can be relaxed and calm in an environment that is comfortable and familiar to you.

The CEO, Kelly Rose Kronen has over 13 years of experience in phlebotomy, laboratory technician, Clinical Trials/Research, Teaching, and her technician Nancy has over 30 years in phlebotomy.